Équipement et logiciel pour des études géophysiques: conception, fabrication, soutien, fourniture


We have experience in using geophysical methods for solution the following problems:
  • Geological cross-section study.
  • Identification and delineation of decompressed layers and structures, high-fracture zones and watered zones.
  • Detection of cavities caused by karst and removal of fine particles of rocks.
  • Soils resistivity detection and assessment of corrosion activity of ground currents in soils during planning and execution of main pipelines and accessory infrastructure.
  • Groundwater prospecting.
  • Direction and velocity of groundwater flows study.
  • Construction materials' deposits search and exploration.
  • Refinement of structure and monitoring of ballast section, soils of ballast bed of roads and railway lines.
  • Detection of the pass-through for installation of communications using trenchless methods.
  • Service lines detection, delineation of damaged parts.
  • Monitoring of concrete structures and reinforcing fabric parameters detection.
  • Detection of edges of archaeological objects.