Équipement et logiciel pour des études géophysiques: conception, fabrication, soutien, fourniture

Technical support

Together with our partners we provide the following services:

  • Warranty and post-warranty repair
  • New equipment configuration assemblage, spare part supply
  • Initial and periodic verification of a measuring instrument

 Warranty and post-warranty repair is arranged on the base of our manufacturing or our partner’s manufacturing. When submitting repair requests make sure to indicate the correct device serial number, date of purchase and describe in details the operating conditions when fails occurred along with the contact information of operator, who identified them. Due to the time limit assigned for field works, there are situations, when our company or our partners can send a spare set of equipment to the customer, when the initial set is under repair.

Additional equipment can be supplied (f.e. equipping GPR with the motion sensor) or some components can be replaced (such as connecting cables worn down with use), if necessary. Our staff members will help you select necessary items and deliver to you as soon as possible. Due to periodic modifications of equipment, tell us device serial number and date of purchase when requesting a new item.

According to Interstate system for standardization measuring instruments should pass initial, periodic and exceptional verifications. Initial verification is done before putting the device into service, after repair or in case of importing from abroad (excluding other countries verifications accepted by Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology). Recommendations on periodic verifications are usually mentioned in device passport or in manual. Exceptional verifications are performed when device is put into service after long-term storage (more than one interval between periodic verifications), when using the device in conditions beyond recommended, and in situations when the correctness of data is doubted. In collaboration with our partners we provide these services on favorable terms as soon as possible.

Each device goes through technical inspection and testing, and if necessary tuning and calibration during service works.