Équipement et logiciel pour des études géophysiques: conception, fabrication, soutien, fourniture

Field works startup and supervising

In some cases, consulting and extensive training is not enough. Such situations arise from a lack of geological knowledge about acquisition area. Due to high competence of our employees we offer field works supervising services.

"Field works startup" service includes:

Rapid assessment of the study area by our expert(s), best fitting parameters of acquisition system selection, received data quality control, first few sets of data processing and interpretation.

"Field works supervising" service includes:

The presence of out expert(s) in the study area throughout the period of data acquisition, best fitting parameters of acquisition system selection and their adaptation due to geological and geomorphological conditions change. Everyday data quality control, processing and interpreting of sampled data is an integral part of successful field works. This service can be useful when conducting geophysical investigations on linear objects with rapidly changing geological and geomorphological conditions.

It is also possible to supervise field works remotely - such service includes mainly data quality control and, if necessary, consultancy on choosing the parameters of acquisition system. Data quality control can be performed every day or once in a period of time, defined by the customer.

Each project is unique and requires individual approach, sometimes composite solution of the problem is essential. For more specific discussion contact us any of mentioned on the website way, we will be happy to help you and answer your questions.