Équipement et logiciel pour des études géophysiques: conception, fabrication, soutien, fourniture

CommDD2 Switchbox

Caractéristiques principales:
  • Commutates receiving and transmitting lines
  • 64 or 48 electrodes
  • Any sequence of switching
  • Any array type and combination
  • 25 measurements per minute
CommDD2-48 CommDD2-64 CommDD2-72 CommDD2-80 Special edition
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Multi-purpose switchbox CommDD2 for electrical survey allows to commutate the receiving and transmitting lines without any limitations. There are 2 possible ways to switch electrodes on the lines — manually or automatically (with a predefined protocol of measurements).

The switchbox allows the use of any signal accumulation protocol available for linear or areal measurements in electrical resistivity tomography:

  • On land
  • On water areas and "water-land" transition zones
  • And in boreholes

Any sequence of switching is registered in a control file (text format) that is loaded to the switchbox via USB interface. The device has LCD backlit display and keyboard, allowing to select the appropriate protocol from the memory, and also to operate in semiautomatic mode.

The switchbox is compatible with any single — channel receivers and transmitters for electrical survey. The highest performance of CommDD2 is achieved when it is used with receivers that allow automatic switching of receiving electrode pairs through the RS-232 interface (such as MERI-24 receiver). It is also possible to work with other types of receivers due to the open-protocol management of the switchbox.

Current in AB line

up to 2 A

Maximum input voltage

400 V

Operating temperatures

-20 ÷ +50 °C

Source voltage

12+2 V

Current consumption at operation

100 mA (when backlit of the display is off)

Number of switching electrodes

48/64/72/80 (might be extended up to 256)

Connection to PC interface

USB 2.0

Protection of electrical equipment


Overall dimensions

200x170x75 mm

Weight of set

1.5 kg