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Pots poreux non polarisables d’hiver

Caractéristiques principales:
  • Big contact area
  • Low operation temperature up to: -25oC
  • Small contact resistance
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Winter-time non-polarizing electrode is intended for IP, SP and MTS surveys in cold weather conditions. It can be operated at temperatures up to -25oC if special electrolyte is used.

The electrode has ergonomic body with special transportation holder. It has big contact surface of porous part that provides low grounding resistance what is especially important in winter time as well as during surveys in arid conditions.

Special metal cases and low-temperature electrolyte can be delivered by request.

Body material porous technical ceramics and resin
Plug material copper, poly-urethane
Diameter 150 mm
Length 135 mm
Weight of empty pot ≤ 950 g
Electrolyte volume 0.5 l
Operating temperature - 25 ÷ + 70°C
Air humidity 0 ÷ 98 %
Air pressure 630 ÷ 800 mmHg