Équipement et logiciel pour des études géophysiques: conception, fabrication, soutien, fourniture


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GEORADAR-EXPERT program is designed for automated processing of the results of GPR profiling to build sections of the electrophysical properties of the medium and the attributes of the wave field.

Creating the sections is based on the results of automated analysis of the backscattered field. This innovative technology allows processing of GPR profiles to the construction of the section, not only in the presence of reflecting boundaries, but also in the case of continuous changes in electrical properties of the medium the profile observations and in depth.

The graphical user interface of the program GEORADAR-EXPERT is constructed as a combination of the tab bar, which allows you to quickly switch between visualization of processing and control panels of GPR data processing:

In the construction of the section, the program GPR-EXPERT implemented the ability to take into account the correction for the terrain, loading data from a spreadsheet:

Along with the analysis of backscattered field, the program GEORADAR-EXPERT realize the full set of standard procedures of digital signal processing GPR data — different types of signal filtering, custom boundaries of layers, etc.

The program GEORADAR-EXPERT is capable of 3D visualization of environment parameters and attributes of the wave field for the GPR profiles of unequal length and arbitrary orientation:

In 3D mode contains all the necessary options visualization of three-dimensional GPR array of information, including the ability to hide the predetermined range value of attribute that allows you to observe the shape of one or another anomaly in 3D:

Visualization of boundaries of layers in the form of isosurfaces in volume 3D:

Construction of sections on the basis of analysis of the backscattered field has the following advantages over traditional methods of processing GPR data:Increases the depth of GPR studies — the algorithm method has high noise immunity and works satisfactorily in the field of noise radarogrammy.

  • Increased information content of GPR studies — fixed boundaries of the section where there is not enough jump in the dielectric constant for the formation of the characteristic, for the boundaries between media, the axes in phase signals. A change in the dielectric constant within the layer (or any other attribute) is also clearly shown.
  • Significantly increases the speed of processing GPR data, which is important for ever-increasing volumes of GPR works, especially road and rail industries.
  • Expands the scope of GPR. On the basis sections of the dielectric constant can build moisture distribution in the sequence, the distribution of the energy characteristics of the signals can be associated with a particular property of the studied environment.
  • Minimize the impact of the so-called "human factor".
  • The use of this software product provides more opportunities for the study of complicated environments.

GEORADAR-EXPERT program, developed by generalizing the many years of experience processing GPR data is an effective tool for solving problems, often in cases where the use of other programs for processing GPR data does not lead to satisfactory results.