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MMPG-1 gradiometers

... readings. MMPG-1 is a model of ‘walking’ Overhauser magnetometer-gradiometer designed for application in mineral deposits prospecting and exploration. Having sufficiently high resolution and processing speed along with stable in time readings this ... ... digital data and can be used with GPS. Compared to standard magnetometers MMPG-1 has 2 channels, that allows not only measure magnetic field (T), but also get the values of gradient or increment of magnetic field. Magnetometer readings’ volatility does ...

ZondRes2D — 2.5D electrotomography for resistivity and IP

... (inversion) of electrical tomography data is used two- and three- dimensional models. It significantly extends the range of electric prospecting solved problems due to sections investigating that are considerably different from «classic» horizontal-layered.... ... mathematical modeling of geoelectrical section. Standard “bitmap” style and polygonal style. Additional tools for gravity, magnetic and self-potential forward modeling and joint inversion. Number of the resistivity and IP inversion algorithms: smooth,...
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