Équipement et logiciel pour des études géophysiques: conception, fabrication, soutien, fourniture

Electrodynamic sources G-Boomer

Caractéristiques principales:
  • Capability of grouping
  • High pulse frequency
  • Operation in sea and fresh water
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Demountable construction
G-Boomer 2G-Boomer 4G-Boomer
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Aquatory electrodynamic sources G-Boomer with a towed deployment device are designed to excite an ultra-high-frequency seismic pulse during detailed seismoacoustic studies in water areas. Unlike the sparker, boomer does not contain electrodes that are subject to wearing and can also work in both sea and fresh water. Electrodynamic excitation principle provides an exceptionally stable pulse with frequencies of 2–4 kHz, and the capability of grouping the source plates on a single frame allows to increase the source energy. The sources operation is provided by energy sources of the MultiJack series.

As one wishes, it is possible to manufacture the source of the required power and configuration. For the correct preparation of technical design specification please contact us using any method indicated on the website.

Data examples:
Lake Ladoga, G-Boomer HF source, MultiJack-500HP1.5 energy source:
Lake Ladoga, G-Boomer HF source, MultiJack-500HP1.5 energy source