Équipement et logiciel pour des études géophysiques: conception, fabrication, soutien, fourniture

ICEG 2017


Andrey Konkov has delivered two talks at the 4th International Conference on Engineering Geophysics (ICEG 2017) in Al Ain (UAE): 

1. Near surface exploration for horizontal welling using CSRMT method: сase study (Alexander Saraev, Ksenia Antashuk, Alexander Simakov, Arseny Shlykov, Andrey Konkov).
2. Complex of high-frequency well-seismic methods for detailed study of rock mass (Nikita Ragozin, Vladimir Ignatev, Andrey Konkov, Alexander Oshkin).

More detailed information about their content, as well as the equipment used in the framework of the relevant studies, can be found at the Geodevice LLC exhibition booth.

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