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Main features:
  • Designed for operation with borehole geophone and hydrophone arrays
  • Has a slip ring
  • Titanium frame and aluminium alloy drum
  • Ergonomic folding rotary handle
for 12-channel hydrophone array
for 12-channel hydrophone array for 24-channel hydrophone array
Price: on request
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RT-4S reel is designed for the operation with borehole seismic arrays. It is equipped with slip ring that makes possible to leave the equipment plugged in while winding and unwinding the cable. The reel size varies depending on array specifications (cable diameter and number of sensors). Hydrophone arrays completely fit the reel drum. In case of geophone array the drum fit only the cable tale whereas the sensors are located in a separate bag. The reel is equipped with ergonomic folding rotary handle. The reel frame also has a drum holding lock.

We also recommend the use of RT-1A reel equipped with a marked wire (1 m-spacing) together with RT-4S reel during the well-logging operations.

Drum aluminum alloy
Frame titanium alloy
Slip ring yes
Drum capacity determined by the customer (50х59х44 cm drum fits 140 m of Ø 13 mm cable
Winding type manual
Plug amphenol or determined by the customer
Folding handle yes
Weight 6.5 - 7.0 kg (depends on array parameters)
Dimensions 50×59×44 cm (depends on array parameters)
Diameter of drum barrel 27 cm