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Multichannel towed hydrophone streamers HRStreamer-24 and HRStreamer-48

Main features:
  • Registration in a wide frequency range
  • Acceleration-insensitive hydrophones
  • Groups or single receivers
  • Low-noise preamps
  • Optional pressure sensors
  • Eco-friendly and safe filler
Active section HRStreamer-24×1/1/75m
Active section HRStreamer-24×1/1/75m Active section HRStreamer-24×1/2/75m Active section HRStreamer-24×3/3.125/75m 2nd active section HRStreamer-24×1/1 2nd active section HRStreamer-24×1/2 2nd active section HRStreamer-24×4/3.125
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Multichannel HRStreamer is an easy to operate robust hydrophone array with up to 48 channels. We produce streamers with various group spacing, depending on the acquistion task - it can be 1 m, 2 m, 3.125 m or 6.25 m between groups.

Number of channels in the streamer and separation between them mostly depends on the required resolution of the study. Typically, stratigraphy and shallow gas detection surveys are performed with 48 channel streamers with 3.125 m separation inbetween. Studies, which require identification of finer details, such as boulder detection for windfarm installations, are performed with 1 or 2 meter separation between the channels, resulting in 0.5/1 meter bin size.

Hybrid hydrophone spacing, which is also available for manufacture, could provide a good trade-off between streamer length and trace density in the upper part of the section.

All hydrophones are protected from acceleration to ensure the lowest noise level, resulting in high quality seismic images.

HRStreamer is suited for all types of modern high resolution acquisitions, such as conventional surveys with optimal towing depth or slanted cable. Maximum allowable working pressure of 40 atm also allows to use HRStreamer for deep towed marine acquisition surveys. High accuracy depth control sensors, distributed along the receiver array provide exact measurements of streamer towing depth in real time to meet your acquisition expectations.

For the best storage and usage experience all mutichannel streamers are supplied on deck winches. Manual and automatic versions of reels are available for purchase.

Key features:
  • Applicable for all modern HR/UHR seismic surveys
  • Compatible with all types of high-resolution seismic sources
  • Towing depth control
  • Broadband signal registration: 10-10000 Hz
  • Noise acceleration protection
  • Environmental and shipping friendly (non-flammable filler
Package contents:
  • Seismic streamer
  • Tow cable
  • Tensioner with draw bar
  • Battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • Technical documentation
  • Low-noise power supply (optional)
  • Built-in pressure sensors and INS (optional)

Marine (SWS), freshwater (FWS) or deep-water (DWS) sparkers are used as high-frequency sources along with MultiJack energy sources. Data logging is provided by multi-channel high-frequency seismic stations. Specially designed SDW deck winches ensure the safety and convenience of performing descent lifting operations, towing and storage of streamers.

In addition to HRStreamer the following may be purchased:

To select the right configuration of the streamer or to draw up a technical specification for the purchase / rental of a complete equipment set for performing the survey, contact us in any way specified on the website. The data processing capabilities can be found here. We can also provide training for your staff in equipment and data processing skills as well as accompany or launch your project.



linear with pre-amplifiers

Number of channels

24 or 48

Interval between channels

as agreed

Type of end connector

as agreed

Outer diameter

42 mm

Piezoelectric element

Operating frequency range

10 – 10 000 Hz

Sensitivity of piezoelectric element

180 dB

Capacitance of piezoelectric element

4000 pF

Maximum operating pressure

40 atm



low-noise asymmetric

Gain factor

6 dB

Current consumption per channel

10 mА

Output impedance

395 Ohm

Supply voltage

±12 V, bipolar

Maximum output level

±3.8 V

RMS voltage of the intrinsic electrical noise,
given by the output, in the operating frequency band

≤10 mkV

Operation conditions

Operating temperature range

-10 ÷ +70 °С

Storage temperature range

-40 ÷ +70 °С